Monday, October 24, 2011

Stories: G is for Gramma

So, today is "G" day at preschool.  Erin and I are going over things that start with the letter G.  Goose, Gourd, etc.  Then, "Mom, we have to go to the grocery store quick this morning.  I want to get Grapes for our snack today! G-G-G-Grapes starts with G!"

I tell her, "no, we don't have time for a shopping stop before school, we will find something here to use for G-day."  I start with more G things, and include some not so easy to pack in a school bag, like "goop", "gramma", "grampa."

The next thing I know, Erin has the phone and is calling Gramma, telling her, "I am bringing YOU to G-day!"  She gets off the phone, cracking herself up, showing me how, "Gramma is going to have to scrunch down way low to get into my backpack!"

You know what!?  Gramma met us at the door and went with Erin into preschool for G-day.  Aren't Gramma's awesome!?

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