Sunday, March 25, 2012

Robin on the Road

Robin decided she'd rather be out of her stroller.

Investigating the wheel.

Investigating the rocks. 

Tough little knees!  I'd ask her if she wanted me to pick her up, and she would shake me off (shaking her head is a skill that she has been working on the past few weeks).

We are so lucky to have such fun rocks!

Then, she was done with me. . .and off into the sunset.

Friday, March 23, 2012

movie and a snack


Turtleback Bridge

Landon really enjoyed jumping up and down to make the others nervous.

Enjoying Sidewalk Chalk

Love those chalky soles.


Robin's First Wagon Ride

Spring Dirt Play


Well rounded boy:  we have a football shirt, Thomas pants, and Lightening McQueen shoes.


Kyle made the dirt look so good, Robin even got a little dirt under her nails. :-)


Mud Puddle Play

Splashing on a cloudly rainy day.

Throwing some rocks in the water for a splash.

And some more rocks. . .

Hmm what else. . .

Yes. She did.

Poor Patient Kitty.  It's amazing they keep coming back for more.

Robin in the Shop

Robin crawled out of her stroller in the shop, and was tickled with all her "room to move"


Then she thought she might like a ride with Kyle

Friday, March 2, 2012

Time Machine

Uncle Scott and Dad 1972

Robin's Curls

Love those little baby curls!

Erin's chores

Erin has a special recipe of apple-oatmeal treats, sweet-grain mix, and grass that she prepares for Mighty Ray.

Mighty Ray is always happy to see us, and usually welcomes us by trotting to her corner with a whinny.

She also feeds the little bull and cow a treat as well.

They are equally happy to see Erin.

Robin's first first birthday gift

The UPS man braved our muddy driveway this a.m.

Robin and Erin had fun opening the box


 It was a nice, noisy sack. :-)


Erin approved of the lovely red ribbons tying the sack.  They will probably be tied around her ponytails yet today.

Robin agreed that the bear was super soft