Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Erin's Snow Family

We finally had some snow that was packable!

Cranberries, carrots, and a bright scarf and hat

Now adding on some family members.

Kyle and Daddy came to help finish.

All five of us. . .modeled in snow.

family photos, fall 2012

I got a sneak peak at the family pictures Amy took, looking forward to ordering them.

Glad we caught Kyle in his Lightning McQueen shoes.

I like the action before the "everybody say cheese!"
 Kyle wasn't feeling the need to line up with his cousins.

Christmas Tree, 2012

Getting ready--I see Kyle was a big help :-)

Armed with Garland. . .

Even Robin gets to help . . .


Thanksgiving in SD

Playing on Gramma Ruth's dirt pile 

Hunting with Bailey

Decorating cookies, playing in the dough. . .

dinner and a visit with Great-Gramma

and games with cousins


Birthday Party

Telling Grampa about his Tractor Cake

Cake Line Up

Candles on, and ready to sing. . .

Cake and ice cream . . .

And presents, too. . .



good sleepers