Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Erin's Snow Family

We finally had some snow that was packable!

Cranberries, carrots, and a bright scarf and hat

Now adding on some family members.

Kyle and Daddy came to help finish.

All five of us. . .modeled in snow.

family photos, fall 2012

I got a sneak peak at the family pictures Amy took, looking forward to ordering them.

Glad we caught Kyle in his Lightning McQueen shoes.

I like the action before the "everybody say cheese!"
 Kyle wasn't feeling the need to line up with his cousins.

Christmas Tree, 2012

Getting ready--I see Kyle was a big help :-)

Armed with Garland. . .

Even Robin gets to help . . .


Thanksgiving in SD

Playing on Gramma Ruth's dirt pile 

Hunting with Bailey

Decorating cookies, playing in the dough. . .

dinner and a visit with Great-Gramma

and games with cousins


Birthday Party

Telling Grampa about his Tractor Cake

Cake Line Up

Candles on, and ready to sing. . .

Cake and ice cream . . .

And presents, too. . .



good sleepers

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

The 7 am jack-o-lantern
Erin's mean witch face
Ready to start trick-or-treating at Gramma's house (Kyle preferred the combine this year, so he didn't make it).
The witch meets Dorothy
Erin was hesitant to wash her face--so we took a good picture to recreate it another time.
Robin's favorite treat of the night--her first Cheerios. (Of course we didn't give her the option of sharing the candy.  But she was loving picking it up, and most of them made it into her mouth.)

Friday, October 28, 2011

christmas cards anyone?

It started out as a good idea. A few pics in the leaves. A nice afternoon. A few problems: It's just before supper and Robin's ready to nap. Oh we'll be quick, let's try it anyway.

A few quick shots to check my settings, and I see this is probably  the best shot
(should've quit here).
Hey Kids!  Get over here, let me take your picture!
Getting Closer ...
Not bad, let's try a few more. . .
Oh--I can see now, Erin has an idea, and Kyle is on the same page.
Poor Baby . . .that's it for picture time, today.
(I wish that was all I said, I was a bit crabby here, I needed supper too)

Remind Mama if she dares to try this again, I need kids (and mama) that are freshly fed and napped.  I think posing jobs are better left to the pros!