Friday, October 14, 2011

Saving our Stories

It turns out, I am not very good at keeping a baby book.  I am good at taking lots of pictures.  I am not so good at organizing them.  My kids may get a big hard drive with photos, and a "Here are your baby pictures, good luck finding a computer that will read this old thing!"  My current thought: if I put some stories and pictures here, it will serve two purposes.  I can share with family (e.g. Grammas and aunts and cousins), and the kids may have something to look at someday!


  1. Hey Nikki, I'm really enjoying this blog thing. I think I will get used to this.

  2. Hey Nikki, I really like this blog thing. Thank You!!!!

  3. Thanks Alli! Stop for a visit and leave comments anytime!