Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big Foot

Unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of Kyle and the whole truck.  But we enjoyed looking over a big foot, and the driver autographed a photo for Kyle. It was fun to see the trap door underneath, where he crawls up into the cab.
He was told if he went into the tent and said "BIG FOOT!" really loud, he could have a big foot toy truck.  Great incentive, but still difficult.

At first, he decided it wasn't worth the trouble, and maybe we'd stop back later and try again.  He didn't want to yell (or whisper) to strangers.

Then, though a bit embarrassed, he said "Big Foot" in his quiet, froggy-getting-over-a-cold voice, and got the prize.

After this, he was content with his Husker Harvest Days experience, and ready to go home, so he could open and play with his truck. 

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